Protect your skin in the city, it is possible !

Summer city 2

 Why the sun in the city is bad for your skin ?

Even if you do not go to the beach for holidays, you have to protect your skin from the sun, because even in the city, through the clouds, the sun is dangerous.

Firstly, in the city, the sun accelerates sun damage and the UVA rays are to blame for premature aging. The prime time frame to stay out of the sun is 12 a.m until 4pm, the UV rays are the strongest at that time.

 Secondly, when the weather is hot, the pores expand, it’s an open door to the outdoor pollution which grows with the heat. Very present in the city, the pollution is also responsible for the skin premature aging.
Solutions can be the following:

Solution n°1 : Use sunscreen.
Apply sunscreen to bare skin. It needs to be reapplied throughout the day, once is not enough. SPF is your sun protection factor and this is what it means, if your skin typically burns in 20 minutes you multiply 20 times the SPF labeled on your cream and that is how many minutes you can be in the sun without burning then you must reapply.

Solution n°2 : Use makeup with SPF.
Powder, foundation… Nowadays we find lots of products with sunscreen filters to protect our skin. But it’s just makeup, they cannot be used by themselves to fight against the UV radiation if you are out walking for more than 30 minutes.

Solution n°3 : A facial treatment.
There are specialty treatments which contain anti-pollution filters, to apply as base to your  makeup routine.

Solution n°4 : Fortunately, there are brands that add SPF to their products to protect our skin from the UV-A and UV-B. In these products we find a SPF, an anti-pollution ingredient, an antioxidant… These new products create a radiant, luminous and natural complexion for 12 hours.
In the city, SPF30 is the minimum must for fair and mature skin.



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5 Smart Nail Tips

 dreamstime_m_29905338We don’t often talk about the nails, but for this Tip of the Week, summer seems the right time!

This is how you can have beautiful nails:

 Advice n°1 – Apply a hydrating cream :

Apply on your hands and nails after every time you wash your hands.
You should choose a cream that suits your skin, neither too oily nor too sticky…

Advice n°2 – Massage your hands with specialty oil :
Before going to the bed, massaging your hands and around the nails, nourishes your skin, stimulates your blood circulation and skin regrowth. Oil is perfect to remove or soften the dryness around your cuticles. You can use Olive, Jojoba, Almond or Avocado oils as an example.

Advice n°3 – File your nails :
You can choose between 3 nail files :
– A glass nail file- A cardboard nail file- A professional fileNail-File2

According to a manicure expert, file your nails in one direction to prevent breakage.

Advice n°4 – Limit wearing Nail Polish to one week per month :

Only apply nail polish once a month. To protect your nails, avoid picking or biting. This will remove your natural protective surface.

Advice n°5 – Use a remover without acetone :

Acetone free remover will prevent dehydration.
Wash your hands after each application to eliminate the chemical residue.



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TIP OF THE WEEK :                How to create soft fuller lips ?


– Practice lip gymnastics :

it Seems strange this is a real solution; practicing lip gymnastics allows you to have a meaty mouth.
Contract your lips and push forward as if you want to kiss and keep this position intensively for the maximum time, Release and start again repeating 10 times.



– Colour your lips with pencil before the balm :

baumeInstead of using lipstick, colour the lips with a pencil and then apply a hydrating balm. Combining both will create a full effect and give an intense and luminous result without shrivelling the lips.



Brush your lips

All the morning, massage of your lips with a soft toothbrush. The brushing will eliminate all dead skin and reactivate the blood circulation and make your lips kissably soft.
You can add a little bit honeyon to exfoliate with your toothbrush.

Capture d’écran 2015-06-03 à 21.12.53


Apply concealer :anti-cerne-6

If you have smalls lips, use a natural concealer before applying lipstick, it will help the lipstick to stay , nourrish the skin and give a full effect.

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Should you wash your hair daily?

The answer is Simple : It seems that it is a bad idea to wash your hair everyday, even if you like super clean, fresh smelling hair. In reality, your hair does not need that much attention.


  • Washing your hair with less intervals creates greasy hair

oily-hair-pics-3Each time you wash and massage your scalp it goes into « protection mode » and produces Sebum = Greasy Hair ! It’s why you have to wash your hair the next day and two days later. It is an eternal loop.02530020013947513781

  • How each scalp reacts is actually uncontrollable :

For some people, their hair is greasy but for others the experience will be more disturbing as the will have dandruff. Sometimes, the consumers thinks that this is a sign of a bad capillary ritual, so it is suggested we have an assortment of products and regularly change them.

Other tip :

Hair Stylists recommend using a great hair brush with a brush that isn’t too aggressive with your scalp.

The objective will be to drag the brush from the top of the scalp to tip of your hair.


Enjoy your Hair whether it is long, medium length or short!

Remember less maintenance is actually a good thing for healthier hair!

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4 Beauty Secrets of Jessica Alba


 As we can see on her Instagram photos, Jessica Alba likes sports. She uses exercise and healthy food as the mainstay to her lifestyle.



Jessica Alba always creates a different variation of her hair. She looks for creative ways of wearing healthy long hair. The shape changes from layers, to a more square looks and with all the different choices, she is always beautiful!

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.14.41 PM

Jessica Alba’s stunning long hair


Beautiful straight hair


Slight wave to hair


For her, the clothes are very important, they define an attitude, a state of mind. Choosing an outfit allows her to show her morphology. Thanks to her choice of form fitting clothes that suit her body type, she allows herself to shine and continually look glowing.


When we see Jessica Alba, it’s true that her natural side is very important. We see it when she is speaking on talk shows, when she is photographed and even performing she is never overdone.
Even if, she always has a beauty team of stylists, hairdressers, and makeup artists she wants to be stay with a more natural look.

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While the fashion week Spring / Summer 2015 just ended, we have recreated the match up makeup trends to watch for or create this summer.

Option I. The Skin Tone :

One word for this season : The Nude

As we can see for many catwalk clothing brands such as Boss, Chloé, Mendel and Chicca Lualdi.

For summer, we forget the blush and we choose nude for a natural glow that reflect lights and seems natural.
We only recommend enhanced cheekbones with a little pink powder for the blonds and apricot for the browns.

Try our Fairy Blush for this look.

Fairy Blush

Fairy Blush


Make up nude Mendel

Boss :





Option 2. THE MOUTH

Normally, we have to choose between the mouth and the eyes.

But that was then and this is now, for this season we can focus on both!

So, this summer try :

  • The coral for Guillarme



  • The red Carmine for Andrew, & Trussardi.  



The pink Candy for Aquilano :



But if you are not a fan of strong colored lips, or you prefer to bet everything on your eyes, don’t panic ! With the nude look, you can enjoy a soft monotone palette and be very trendy this Spring-Summer 2015.

Add a “touch of gloss” and it’s done ! Watch for our new lip glosses they are being filled this week!


Option 3. Making Up Your Eyes:

  1. With blue makeup :

The wonderful days of spring and summer include blue skies. Lots of makeup artists get inspired by their surroundings and with a sunny day we can create and use shades of blue to define our eyes and sparkle in the brightness of this sunshine. Looking at the photos below you will find blue liner drawn inside, with kohl pencil, or smoky eyes with the blue invading our eyes in a sultry looks and the result is fabulous as we can see from the Armani, Saab, Grant and Honor shows..

We find the mascara version for Grant :


The smudged blue eyes by day, for Emporio Armani :


Sailor Blue


Smoky dark blue – Elie Saab : 

Blue Mist

Blue Graphic liner – Honor



Eye liner graphic

A graphic liner is adapted for people who are not a fan of makeup, do not like too much colour on the eyes as Cushnie and Braganza, just a simple blue liner will do!


The reverse is also in fashion this season:

We find the eye liner inside the eyes for Celine and Chalayan :



The smoky eyes with liner strongly drawn below and inside the lower lash line:


And of course the smoky eyes/liners defined on different faces :




Mascara for doll’s eyes :

Pandoras logo
There you have it … Looks to try this 2015 Spring Summer Fashion Week!

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PANDORA’S MAKEUP BOX is bringing you back to the sixties with our Bohemian Style and the collaboration with Ipsy Glam.

What is Boho Style ?

It’s a fashionable female who plays on the Bohemians and hippies influences.

Boho style is the opposite of precision, inspirited of the sixties

with printed flowers and brown boots. Rich and bright colours are the must have in a Boho


BoxFlowerFront_edited-1How can I create this Style ?

Bohemian style doesn’t have any rules, there are some key points that we find in our Boho style.

  • The printed flowers:

Lots of bohemians like this model, reference to the peace and love of the sixties.

  • The accessories :

When you see a Boho, accessories include arms full of Bracelets, Long Necklace, hairs are covered with Headband or Hats.

  • Be Colourful:Bright colour always exist in a Boho closet.
  • Multiples Layer Outfits:Bohemian Style is all about layering. With a right mix of textures and lengths, you can rock a very unique Bohemian Style in your own way.

IMG_2056For the perfect Bohemian makeup, Ipsy’s April Glam Bag-“Beautifully Bohemian” is what you need to change up your makeup routine. Look for the limited quantity set coming up soon, we created it specially for IPSY’S Offer.

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Packing for Sunshine Holiday

It has been a long winter for many of us so maybe you will be able to find the time +money to take a trip someplace warm to recover your mental health, feel nourished, pamper yourself and then return to your day to day routine refreshed and ready for any challenge life throws at you. Here are a few must haves to enjoy the sun vacation without aging your skin.

It makes so much sense to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and keep from squinting, non greasy waterproof sunscreen with 50SPF will last so much longer, a clip for your hair if coloured will help protect it from getting bleached out and a large brimmed hat is a must! Reading on a IPHONE is impossible with polarized lenses so the brim allows you to protect your eyes and face and enjoy a great book! 

Bon Voyage!!!

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Camouflage Makeup

It is almost impossible for us to have perfect skin. by the time we are 20 years old most of us have probably had over 14,000 hours of sunlight on our faces, add to that minor injury, irritations on the skin, natural freckling, or other skin imperfections due to allergies or other weather conditions, outdoor sport activities and hereditary.

So what do we do about it, the choices are endless:

Assortment of liquid foundations

Assortment of liquid foundations

More importantly the technique is what smooths out uneven complexion. The use of the colour wheel and blocking out discolourations work to conceal more effectively and give you the glowing even toned skin you would prefer. Choose products that suit your SKIN TYPE, oily skin water based products and dry skin creamier or oil based products. Camouflage can be applied to skin that has been primed first. This is especially important if you have dry skin.

TOOLS: Camouflage Brush used to apply wax or oil based products that are opaque enough to cover imperfections of the skin. Try using products that are ONE TONE lighter than your skin to effectively block out and do not over blend just press with your finger after applying with the nylon tipped brush. The heat from your finger will blend and cover.

PANDORA'S® Large CamouflageBrush #30

PANDORA’S® Large CamouflageBrush #30

Once the camouflage has been applied you may apply the foundation of choice with a specialty foundation brush, beauty blender,  your finger or another type of sponge or more expertly with an airbrush. Try to just lightly touch the camouflaged areas and use the liquid products at the edges of the waxier based products. If you have only skin use a touch of powder to set or use powder to adjust the colour and coverage as any powder once used over camouflage will darken it at least one tone, assuming the powder is translucent or the same colour as your skin. The will allow it to stay longer and you are also now more protected from the sun. If you are prone to melanomas please use a non greasy sun block out first prior to anything going on your skin. Please contact me directly if you have specific camouflage issues as I have a custom made PANDORA’S® cover up that is not available on our website:

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Golden Globe 2015 Favorites, Fashion, Hair and Makeup

I just couldn’t help myself … being the communicator to our clients who perhaps couldn’t stay up to watch or interested in fashion but don’t have the patience to go through all the available photos on line I felt I should just grab some photos that are readily available and let you know what Pandora’s Makeup Box loved about the makeup hair and dresses for the Golden Globe Awards 2015!

Love all the looks below for suitability to the actor and total image of dress, hair and makeup. It seems that once inside the venue the air conditioning was not working and so the presenters faces were shinier than usual and the addition of the dewy ‘Look’ did not help the situations. Let us know your favourites too! As usual it is all about the eyes with full lips. Lots of lashes, from far away they photographed well and sometimes the closer photos were not as flattering so let’s hope no cake foundation and concealer, lips clearly defined and set through makeup artistry techniques of using sealer or surrounding lips with concealer and power to stop any lipstick from melting. Less glossy lips with the more matte finish more flattering. Shimmer used on the top of the cheekbone and around the eyelid, sometimes just on the bottom lid, without overly frosted shadows. Lots of contouring and everyone seemed to have defined cheekbones.


Sultry, great lips and eyes

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Love the red dress!


Lips set off the great eyes and hair colour!


Sexy as always with Diva styling!


Adorable as always, but the flower wasn’t necessary as the earrings were beautiful!


Overall beautiful and pretty!

Just so adorable and fresh!

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