Keep your Makeup on with Hot Temperature Weather!

When the outside temperature increases, we have to be creative to keep our makeup from disappearing and avoid repeat applications.

Here are 5 Tips to Keep your Makeup on Longer

  1. Hydrate your Face
    Your skin has a natural PH balance so if you skip hydrating it actually will produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. Use water based products so that your skin can absorb the moisture without getting greasy. Try applying a light weight BB cream with a SPF which allows your skin to feel soft but not slippery and protect it against the UV-A and UV-B rays.

    I am now rejuvenated for 2011

    Light Touch of Water Based Cream 

2. Micronized Powders can be Helpful
It is essential to keep some powder for the heat touch up, swipe the T Zone with a powder close to your natural skin color to get a soft matte appearance. Once your natural oils, moisturizer and heat all mix within an hour your skin will have back a natural glow without that greasy or caked on finish.


3. Waterproof your Makeup with mist of Water or Setting Spray

Use a light mist once you finish your makeup application, hold the spray can at least 12″ away from your face. Once this dries your makeup is more water and heat resistant.

Evian Spray

4. Avoid the Cream Shadow
When you use a cream shadows they tend to break down in excessive humid heat.  It is better to use powders eye shadow for a long-wearing. When using Eye Pencils to line seal with a line of Wet Eyeshadow to seal over and set. Applying eye shadow slightly dampened can also help your eye shadow to stay on longer and not crease. Waterproof mascara is a must and if you find them too hard to remove then just use a coating over your favourite one.Lovisaa ~

5. Apply a Felt Tip Pen as your Eyeliner or Lipliner
During the Summer, applying a felt pen stain is simpler than a lipstick which heavier. Thanks to the felt tip stains you will obtain a long lasting colour without a goopy feel to your lips. The felt-pen shades are very beautiful for the summer and a sticky lip gloss should help to seal the colour. If you cannot find a felt tip pen in a colour you like then stain your lips with the side of a lip pencil for soft or bright colour.

Capture d’écran 2015-04-22 à 14.01.53

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