To Fight Pollution

Breaking (Bad!) News! : According to a recent study, women who live in cities, age faster than women who don’t.
Why ? The study showed conclusive evidence that urban skins are exposed to greater pollution, an aggressive factor for both the skin and lungs, increasing oxidative stress.
This causes skin to become dehydrated faster and can cause skin sensitivity and dullness.
Add to that, air conditioning, tobacco use, stress and sleep deprivation, and the end result is radiance and flexibility.

1. Clean Your Skin

  • First, you have to clean your skin morning and evening, to remove all the minuscule particles. Some particles are tougher to remove them. Opt for a soft creamy makeup remover, then follow with an alcohol free toning lotion.

2. Hydration

Pollution is not friendly to the skin. It is important to take care of it, by moisturizing it as much as possible. The goal is to calm the polluting effects and improve the skin’s natural defences. The more the skin is moisturized, the more toxins have a hard time penetrating the skin. Each morning, use a serum followed by a moisturizer that contains antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin C.

3. The Skin Shield

For perfect protection against the elements, some brands offer a misting spray to apply during the day, even over makeup. It creates an impermeable barrier against toxins and protects soothes and hydrates your skin.

The Emergency Routine

Once a week, it is important to use this emergency step for a healthy glow

Step 1 : Start with a gentle makeup remover, to remove all the impurities accumulated during the day or night out.

Step 2 : Apply a gentle exfoliant to remove dead cells and built up dirt and toxins. To optimize the exfolation process you can also use a super soft brush.

Step 3 : Follow up with a light steaming to liberate your pores. You can opt for a sauna or simply use a bowl of hot steaming water under a towel for that steaming effect.
Do this for 10 minutes, you can also add a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil, as this will increase the purifying effect. It is natural and soothing for the skin.

Step 4 : Use a clay based mask to help draw out any and all impurities.

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