Keep your tan



Holidays are finished and your asking : How Can I keep my tan ?

Here are some tips that can help you..


Hydrate your skin 

After any sun exposure, hydrate your skin for perfect regeneration, and avoid peeling skin. Apply moisturizer for body and face or an oil.
If you want to cheat a little, you can use an after sun moisturizer with a tanning action to extend it the life of your tan.

Scrub your skin

Once your tanned, use a soft scrub to exfoliate your skin, once a week.
The goal : To remove dead cells and make your skin glow !

100% Beta-Carotene :

Consume food containing Beta-Carotene within moderation like carrots, spinach, parsley, melon… Their natural skin enhancing qualities are undeniable.

To cheat, use self tanner :

Ten days after your return, apply self tanner on your body and repeat twice a week. To achieve a natural look, choose the right shade and you have to know how to apply it.
You can also try spray tanning in our beauty store Kirsch Cosmetic studio
It is really safe and not harmful for the health

Take Care of your tan from the inside :

Certain food supplements are known to nourrish your skin and can therefore extend the life of your tan.
You can stat taking them before going on holidays, but it’s never too late to start. You can even use them 15 days after you’ve returned from your vacation.

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