10 beauty tips from around the world


The avocado : A beauty tip from Colombia

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For dull hair, we use avocado.

This fruit is rich in proteins, vitamins, iron and amino acids.
Moreover, it contains a natural oil that works miracles with split ends.

Perfect recipe for an avocado mask :
– Mix avocado flesh with 2 eggs and 2 olive oil spoons
– Apply on hair length, massage into hair
– Let it sit 30 minutes to intensify the effects

This imported tip is cheap and very effective.


The Henna : From Iran and Mesopotamia

File:Flag of Iran.svg Henna-Tattoo-for-Girls

Henna is an herbal substance that is used to color your hair or for tattoos.

Henna is a natural alternative for hair coloring, it can add a warm shimmery hue to your natural color or can be bought without coloring pigments in order to bring brightness and volume to yout hair.
People with oivy hair can benefit the best from this hair product.

Jojoba oil  : From Mexico

drapeau-mexicain1 jajabo-oil-for-hair

This natural oil protects the skin from external aggressions and is a natural antiwrinkle treatment for mature skin, protecting it from dehydration with its nourrishing qualities if moisturizes hydrates and protects.

The Greek yogurt :





The famous greek yogurt is richer in vitamins and minerals than a classic yogurt. We can use it for a beauty mask, spreading the yogurt on your face and leaving it for 10 minutes, the skin will be as sweety as a soft Goddess.


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