Saving our Skin

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An unhealthy lifestyle, fatigue and pollution can be harmful to your skin.
Here are some tips to keep your skin in tip top shape!

N°1 : Scrub! 

Used twice a week, a scrub will help to eliminate the dead skin cells on your body. Using a scrub will also help the skin care products be more readily absorbed. you’ll be amazed at how much softer your skin is after you scrub!

N°2 : Eat Fruit!

When you incorporate fruit into your diet, you are helping your skin get the boost it needs. For this result you have to choose fruit rich in vitamin C. This essential nutrient allows the skin to produce collagen which are proteins in muscle fibres which give skin its strength


N°3 : Hydrate!

Once your skin is clean, apply a hydrating cream or moisturizer on your face and body with lots of  moisturizing agents like shea butter or argan oil. It’s an important step to help  avoid wrinkles on your face and chest.

N°4 : Beware of Glycemic Index! 

If you eat foods with a high glycemic index also known as ” quick-release sugars” it stimulates insuline production. Too much insuline production creates excess sebum production which block the cells and affect the skin condition, so choose wisely!

N°5 : Avoid Sun Exposure!

We all know this but it’s hugely important to the condition of your skin. Spending a lot of time exposed to the sun damages the skin, Using a sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV-A and UV-B rays will keep your skin safe and help avoid the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.

N°6 : Night Cream!

During the night all is calm. Skin rests in the dark, in an ambience where the temperature and the degree of humidity stays constant. During this quiet time the skin is more receptive to nourishment. Your night cream will help your skin regenerate and compensate for the deficiencies wich appear over time.

N°7 : Balanced nutrition!

The skin needs essentials nutrients :

– Vitamins A C and E  are antioxidants. They protect your skin by trapping free radicals attacking your skin.

– Trace elements (also antioxidants)

– Copper ( improves skin elasticity)

– Zinc ( improves cell regeneration and healing)

N°8 : Water Water Water!

Drink to hydrate your body but also to clean and remove the toxins that keep skin from being beautiful.

There are 3 rules which will make it easy :
1. When you leave the house in the morning take a 1L bottle of water with you and try to finish it.
2. Drink at least a glass of water 20 minutes before each meal.
3. If you can’t drink lots of water, try the herbal teas or green tea. These beverages contribute to your hydratation.


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  1. RachelW says:

    Great post! Love your blog 🙂



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