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  1. Cut your hair yourself :

It can be tempting to cut your bangs yourself when you don’t want to wait until your next haircut appointment.

Different methods you find on the internet can be risky, so be careful !


  1. Using lemon to lighten you hair without damaging it

Usually we think that using naturals products is better for our hair but it’s not always the case.

You may end up with a lot of damage using lemon juice to lighten your hair

3. Don’t worry about accessories :

Just like we change our toothbrushes without waiting until it is broken or worn out.
It’s important to clean all our accessories and change our hairbrush.

4. The hair can support a lot of heat without protection

The heat and the sun are the enemies of the hair. However, if we want to use the hot tools we have to follow this advice :

  • We should not use a hair dryer, straightener or curling iron too regularly.
  • We should always use protective spray

5. Brush the hair when it is wet

We should refrain from touching our hair when it is wet as becomes more sensitive and prone to breakage

6. The ponytails and buns don’t damage the hairs

To have hair flying in our face is really annoying…

Ponytails and buns can harm the hair causing breakage and growth can be affected.

7. Hair is affected by what we eat

If we miss a meal, our bodies suffer and in the end, surprisingly it takes a toll on our hair as well.

 8. Properly detangling you hair.

When we are pressed for time we grab the brush to detangle quickly but it’s not always the best solution.

If we have knots, the least painful way to remove them is to start at the bottom of the hair and work our way up

9. Dry shampoo shouldnt be used in moderation

Today, dry shampoo has recently become a big trend. We have to remember to use it carefully as it can cause residue left on the hair, even after its washed, so this can lead to damage.

10. The sun doesnt damage the hair

Whether at the beach or in the city, we should take care of our hair after sun exposure, using a repair mask after each sunny day.



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