Protect your skin in the city, it is possible !

Summer city 2

 Why the sun in the city is bad for your skin ?

Even if you do not go to the beach for holidays, you have to protect your skin from the sun, because even in the city, through the clouds, the sun is dangerous.

Firstly, in the city, the sun accelerates sun damage and the UVA rays are to blame for premature aging. The prime time frame to stay out of the sun is 12 a.m until 4pm, the UV rays are the strongest at that time.

 Secondly, when the weather is hot, the pores expand, it’s an open door to the outdoor pollution which grows with the heat. Very present in the city, the pollution is also responsible for the skin premature aging.
Solutions can be the following:

Solution n°1 : Use sunscreen.
Apply sunscreen to bare skin. It needs to be reapplied throughout the day, once is not enough. SPF is your sun protection factor and this is what it means, if your skin typically burns in 20 minutes you multiply 20 times the SPF labeled on your cream and that is how many minutes you can be in the sun without burning then you must reapply.

Solution n°2 : Use makeup with SPF.
Powder, foundation… Nowadays we find lots of products with sunscreen filters to protect our skin. But it’s just makeup, they cannot be used by themselves to fight against the UV radiation if you are out walking for more than 30 minutes.

Solution n°3 : A facial treatment.
There are specialty treatments which contain anti-pollution filters, to apply as base to your  makeup routine.

Solution n°4 : Fortunately, there are brands that add SPF to their products to protect our skin from the UV-A and UV-B. In these products we find a SPF, an anti-pollution ingredient, an antioxidant… These new products create a radiant, luminous and natural complexion for 12 hours.
In the city, SPF30 is the minimum must for fair and mature skin.



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