While the fashion week Spring / Summer 2015 just ended, we have recreated the match up makeup trends to watch for or create this summer.

Option I. The Skin Tone :

One word for this season : The Nude

As we can see for many catwalk clothing brands such as Boss, Chloé, Mendel and Chicca Lualdi.

For summer, we forget the blush and we choose nude for a natural glow that reflect lights and seems natural.
We only recommend enhanced cheekbones with a little pink powder for the blonds and apricot for the browns.

Try our Fairy Blush for this look.

Fairy Blush

Fairy Blush


Make up nude Mendel

Boss :





Option 2. THE MOUTH

Normally, we have to choose between the mouth and the eyes.

But that was then and this is now, for this season we can focus on both!

So, this summer try :

  • The coral for Guillarme



  • The red Carmine for Andrew, & Trussardi.  



The pink Candy for Aquilano :



But if you are not a fan of strong colored lips, or you prefer to bet everything on your eyes, don’t panic ! With the nude look, you can enjoy a soft monotone palette and be very trendy this Spring-Summer 2015.

Add a “touch of gloss” and it’s done ! Watch for our new lip glosses they are being filled this week!


Option 3. Making Up Your Eyes:

  1. With blue makeup :

The wonderful days of spring and summer include blue skies. Lots of makeup artists get inspired by their surroundings and with a sunny day we can create and use shades of blue to define our eyes and sparkle in the brightness of this sunshine. Looking at the photos below you will find blue liner drawn inside, with kohl pencil, or smoky eyes with the blue invading our eyes in a sultry looks and the result is fabulous as we can see from the Armani, Saab, Grant and Honor shows..

We find the mascara version for Grant :


The smudged blue eyes by day, for Emporio Armani :


Sailor Blue


Smoky dark blue – Elie Saab : 

Blue Mist

Blue Graphic liner – Honor



Eye liner graphic

A graphic liner is adapted for people who are not a fan of makeup, do not like too much colour on the eyes as Cushnie and Braganza, just a simple blue liner will do!


The reverse is also in fashion this season:

We find the eye liner inside the eyes for Celine and Chalayan :



The smoky eyes with liner strongly drawn below and inside the lower lash line:


And of course the smoky eyes/liners defined on different faces :




Mascara for doll’s eyes :

Pandoras logo
There you have it … Looks to try this 2015 Spring Summer Fashion Week!

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