Camouflage Makeup

It is almost impossible for us to have perfect skin. by the time we are 20 years old most of us have probably had over 14,000 hours of sunlight on our faces, add to that minor injury, irritations on the skin, natural freckling, or other skin imperfections due to allergies or other weather conditions, outdoor sport activities and hereditary.

So what do we do about it, the choices are endless:

Assortment of liquid foundations

Assortment of liquid foundations

More importantly the technique is what smooths out uneven complexion. The use of the colour wheel and blocking out discolourations work to conceal more effectively and give you the glowing even toned skin you would prefer. Choose products that suit your SKIN TYPE, oily skin water based products and dry skin creamier or oil based products. Camouflage can be applied to skin that has been primed first. This is especially important if you have dry skin.

TOOLS: Camouflage Brush used to apply wax or oil based products that are opaque enough to cover imperfections of the skin. Try using products that are ONE TONE lighter than your skin to effectively block out and do not over blend just press with your finger after applying with the nylon tipped brush. The heat from your finger will blend and cover.

PANDORA'S® Large CamouflageBrush #30

PANDORA’S® Large CamouflageBrush #30

Once the camouflage has been applied you may apply the foundation of choice with a specialty foundation brush, beauty blender,  your finger or another type of sponge or more expertly with an airbrush. Try to just lightly touch the camouflaged areas and use the liquid products at the edges of the waxier based products. If you have only skin use a touch of powder to set or use powder to adjust the colour and coverage as any powder once used over camouflage will darken it at least one tone, assuming the powder is translucent or the same colour as your skin. The will allow it to stay longer and you are also now more protected from the sun. If you are prone to melanomas please use a non greasy sun block out first prior to anything going on your skin. Please contact me directly if you have specific camouflage issues as I have a custom made PANDORA’S® cover up that is not available on our website:

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