What does each makeup brush do?

Makeup Brushes

– Small Camouflage / Large Camouflage: Designed to be used for covering small or bigger imperfections.

– Eye Shader Brush: Used for packing the eye shadow on the lid.

– Small Detail Brush: Use this tiny detail brush for the outer corner, or below the lashes to apply shadow in a targeted area. Can also be used to highlight over the tear duct with no mess.

– Medium Contour Brush: Use this brush for applying shadow into your crease if you want more precision, or have a smaller crease area. Large Contour Brush: A brush for blending colour into the crease of the eye or across the brow bone.

– Eye Liner Brush: Use this brush with gel or liquid liner to get a very thin, fine line.

– Angular Brush: It can be use for brows or eye lining with a wet eye shadow.

– Angled Blush Brush / Round Blush Brush: Use to blend in colour or apply face powder.

– Bronzer brush: Perfect for your bronzer application.

– Kabuki Brush: In order to apply your bronzer and your blush at the same time. Apply bronzer on the white face and blush on the black.

– Spool Brush: Blend out brows for a natural look or comb through lashes after mascara.

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