How to make your nail polish stay on longer!

How to make your nail polish stay on longer!

  • Always keep you nails healthy: You can use a nail strengthener or ridge filler in order to fix your nails problems.
  • File your nails in only one direction to make them less prone to breakage and peeling.
  • You’ll get better results if you apply your Nail Polish using with your weak hand first.
  • Apply Nail Polish on shorter nails which are less prone to damage
  • Use a base coat first: it will make your polish stick better on your nails
  • Don’t overload you nail and go for a thinner application. Too-tick nail polish can tend to peel off.
  • Allow for enough drying time, especially between coats. It is also always better to do your manicure before bedtime to let your nails dry all night long.
  • Use a good topcoat: If you have some chips on your polish, it’s maybe because you aren’t using a good one. Also seal the edge of your nail with your topcoat.
  • Use Gloves to protect your nails during your cleaning tasks in order not to ruin your manicure.

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