How to be gorgeous at the beach in 10 steps?

Be Gorgeous at the beach

  1. Choose the perfect swimsuit according to your skin colour and your body shape.
  2. Paint your nails and toenails with a HOT summer colour.
  3. Find an easy and natural hairstyles (Bun, braids, Ponytails…)
  4. You can choose a waterproof natural makeup but avoid foundation and powder.
  5. Get a sun protection factor of at least 30SPF to protect your skin from burning and avoid premature ageing of your skin or worse skin cancer. If high SPF’s whiten your skin too much you can search for tinted suncare products if you don’t want to look too pale under the sun.
  6. Get a conditioning spray to protect your hair from the sun
  7. And choose a coloured lip balm. It will protect your lips and make them gorgeous at the same time!
  8. Take your favourite accessorizes with you: sunglasses, hat, beach towel, flip flops… All is allowed at the beach!
  9. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you, hydration is one of the important beauty secrets!
  10. Be confident and enjoy the moment!

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The PANDORA'S Makeup Box Blog written by PANDORA'S Makeup Box®, a Canadian makeup brand created by Susan Kirsch, entrepreneur, studio owner, and award-winning makeup artist. We love to share Beauty Tips and Tricks, products and techniques so that you can benefit from our expertise and new finds.
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