Hair and Makeup for Spring

Exciting new and updated hair styles have been popping up this spring.  Braids are a big deal, and bohemian fashionistas are reviving complicated braiding methods like the Waterfall and French Braid Updo.

Waterfall Braid Makeup Match



Want to learn how to create your own Waterfall Braids? Check out this neat tutorial.  Once you’ve got the hair, try a makeup look to match!  We suggest a bohemian bronze glow – a touch of bronzer to warm up your skin, and a shimmery peach or brown eyeshadow.  Contrast with a bright pink lipstick, and you’ll feel like it’s summer already!

Practical Ponytail

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated style to wear every day, try a low ponytail.  Spotted on runways for spring & summer this year, this classic ‘do is making a comeback!  Pin your hair in place with a smart gold hair clip and disguise that elastic for a touch of class to make you look extra professional.

For matching makeup, keep it simple!  Charcoal liner is less harsh than black, but still gives eyes definition.  Nude or subdued pink lipstick is very office-appropriate.  For a bit of extra glamour, you can touch up your lips with some shine from a neutral lip gloss, or polish that manicure with a soft, natural pink.

For more information and product suggestions, check out our sets on Polyvore!

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